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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Lease Brand New Bullet-Proof Bentley

The car itself has been leased to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by Bentley for official engagements, joining the likes of Range Rovers and Jaguars in the Cambridges’ official fleet. The car costs £118 to fill up with fuel, but only gives 19 miles to the gallon.

The ultra luxurious Bentley boasts a hand-crafted walnut interior, quilted leather seats with an in-built heater and massage function, a nine-litre champagne cooler, two 10-inch LCD screens and Wi-Fi connection.

But the modified royal vehicle also features state of the art security features, installed for the protection and safety of the Duke and Duchess. These include ballistic steel plating, triple-glazed bullet-proof windows, tyres that continue to turn even after being punctured and a loudspeaker system to ward off attackers.

Source: Royal Central

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