Q Magazine

Chart-Topping Adele Snubs ‘Shameful’ Endorsement Deals

Chart-topping soul star Adele has vowed never to “sell out” by signing up for “shameful” endorsement deals.

The British singer has sold millions of albums around the world, but she has never used her fame to advertise products, and Adele is convinced she has made the right decision by turning down all the lucrative offers.

She tells Britain’s Q magazine, “I think it’s shameful when you sell out. It depends what kind of artist you wanna be but I don’t want my name anywhere near another brand. I don’t wanna be tainted or haunted.”

Adele also refuses to sit down for hours of interviews and publicity work, as she doesn’t want her fans to grow tired of seeing her on magazine covers, adding, “I don’t want to be in everyone’s face. I’m a big music fan and I get really p**sed off when it gets like that… and I don’t want people to get like that with me.”

The singer remains determined to go against her management team’s advice by playing shows for smaller audiences, despite being offered a fortune to perform at London’s 18,000-capacity O2 arena.

She adds, “We had three nights on hold at The O2 and I was like, ‘I won’t play a festival. You think I’m gonna play a f**kin’ arena? Are you out of your mind?’ I’d rather play 12 years at (small venue) the Barfly than one night at The O2! So I’ve made all those decisions and some people are pretty mortified. They think I’m mad.”