Rachel Crow

The X Factor’s Rachel Crow Signs Record And TV Deal

America has not seen the last of Rachel Crow. The 14-year-old, whose run on The X Factor ended with an emotional on-stage breakdown, has signed a record deal with Columbia Records and a talent deal with Nickelodeon. Under her deal with Columbia, Crow will record her debut album. Her deal with Nickelodeon includes a recurring role on several episodes of Fred: The Show as well her own musical comedy series.

Crow tells The Hollywood Reporter that life after her elimination from The X Factor has “been amazing.” “It’s “A couple days after the elimination I just found myself sitting home asking myself, ‘What am I going to do now?’ And I never would’ve thought that this is what I was going do now. So, it’s pretty amazing. I’m very thankful and I feel very blessed to have all this,” she said.

“Columbia was awesome for me. This is the top, which is really cool,” she added. “Beyonce and Adele. And I’m in the same family as them, which is really awesome.”