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American Idol Bosses To Sack All 4 Judges

Thanks to waning ratings, a big shake up is reportedly coming to American Idol. Insiders claim show bosses plan to sack all of the judges – including Randy Jackson, the last remaining original judge. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is also allegedly on the chopping block

“All four are gone,” the source tells The Wrap of Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.

Bosses hope the shake up will bring viewers back. “They feel they’ve lost their core audience and they want it back,” says the insider.

Another change in the works is a cutback on hefty pay checks — new judges won’t receive anything near Carey’s reported $18 million a year or Minaj’s $12 million a year. “No more big checks for divas,” adds the source.

No comment has been made by Fox or reps for Jackson, Minaj, Carey and Urban. The next American Idol winner will be crowned next week. The three finalists are Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Candice Glover.


Randy Jackson to Remain on ‘American Idol

Musician and producer Randy Jackson is set to join Mariah Carey at the judge’s table for the new season of American Idol.

Reports last month suggested Jackson would return to the show for his 12th season in January as a mentor to wannabes trying to impress Carey and two other judges, but now it appears he’s back in the hot seat.

A source for the show tells TVLine.com, “The rumors are true.”

And his former judging pal and now TV rival Simon Cowell insists Idol producers have made the right call, tweeting, “Just heard randy is back on idol. Right decision.”

Speculation is rife that Nicki Minaj will join Jackson and Carey at the judge’s table, but even she seems to be in the dark.

Asked about the role she might play on the show at the MTV Video Music Awards last week, the Starships hitmaker said, “I don’t know yet. I really don’t know. I have no comment on it.”

Jim Carrey’s Daughter Jane Competing On ‘American Idol’


Jim Carrey‘s daughter Jane is setting her sights on becoming the next American Idol.

The new mother was revealed as a contestant on the show on Sunday night when she took part in the pre-taped auditions in San Diego, California.

Carrey performed Something to Talk About in front of judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson who all voted her through to the next round of the currentcompetition.

The young singer confessed she has found it hard growing up as Jim Carrey’s daughter, stating, “It is difficult kind of growing up in the shadow of something and trying to find your place in the world underneath this huge shadow.”

Lopez in particular was stunned when she hit the audition stage onboard the U.S.S. Midway – because she was a dancer on Carrey’s comedy show In Living Color when Jane was a baby.

The pop star cooed, “I remember you when you were little. Do you remember me? I was one of the Fly Girls.”

Carrey responded, “I think I was, like, two.”

Steven Tyler Appears In New Promo Spot For American Idol

Steven Tyler appears in a new commercial for the 11th season of American Idol, set to begin airing in January. The new ad first appeared during game four of the World Series.

The commercial shows Tyler, alongside fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, as well as host Ryan Seacrest, leading a group of would-be contestants toward a theater marquee that reads “Auditions Today.” As each judge walks down the street, the people they pass drop what they’re doing and start following them. When they arrive at the theater, Seacrest turns and asks them, “Are you ready?” as the words “The Incredible Journey Begins . . . American Idol . . . January 22” flash onscreen.

Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith recently kicked off a tour of South America and Mexico, and plan on visiting Japan before late December.
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American Idol To Be Inducted Into Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame

American Idol, the groundbreaking, Emmy Award-winning and top-rated FOX primetime series created by Simon Fuller and from producers FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment (a division of CKX), will be inducted into Broadcasting & Cable’s Hall of Fame. The 21st annual awards dinner, honoring the broadcast industry’s best, is set for Wednesday, October 26, at the famed Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

“American Idol has been a broadcasting phenomenon from the moment it debuted, and it just keeps getting stronger,” said Bill McGorry, Chairman of the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame. “This honor is richly deserved for a show that has had such an unprecedented impact on the entire industry.”

“It’s always special when American Idol gets honored, and even more so when it is by a distinguished organization such as theBroadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame,” said Simon Fuller, creator of American Idol. “This show has entertained hundreds of millions of TV viewers and music fans around the world over the last 10 seasons, and I’d like to dedicate this award to everyone who has helped us stay true to our pure ideal of discovering and showcasing the very best new singing talent in America.”

“This is an exceptional honor for all of us,” said Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO of FremantleMedia North America and executive producer of American Idol. “It is quite extraordinary and rare for a television show to receive such recognition for its achievements alongside some of the most accomplished individuals in the broadcast industry, and for that we are truly grateful.”

“We feel incredibly privileged to be recognized in the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame,” said Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “Our entire American Idol team is honored to be a part of such a groundbreaking show, and we’re very thankful to everyone who has supported the series for the past 10 seasons.”

“The star power of American Idol takes what is already the industry’s premier awards event and elevates it to yet another level,” added Louis Hillelson, VP/Group Publisher, Broadcasting & Cable. “We are thrilled to welcome Idol into the Hall of Fame, and we look forward to what will be a truly unforgettable evening.”

American Idol is an undisputed ratings juggernaut, has ranked as the No. 1 show for eight consecutive seasons and has shattered a series of long-standing television records. A bona fide cultural phenomenon, Idol resonates far beyond the scope of television. The show broke out from the unscripted genre by offering the viewing public a first: the chance for America to choose the next music star through telephone, text, and more recently, online voting. In 2011, the series finale garnered an astonishing and record-breaking 122 million votes, which was the highest number of votes in the show’s history.

American Idol set out to prove that one audition can change the rest of someone’s life. And it did just that by producing some of the biggest names in the music business, and the show’s talent roster reads like a Who’s Who of the entertainment industry including Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry, Adam Lambert and David Cook. Idol finalists have also been awarded a long list of accolades, including nine Grammy wins.

Over the years, some of the faces have changed, but the goal of the show remains the same: empowering viewers to decide who will be America’s next singing superstar. Emmy-nominated host Ryan Seacrest has been with the show since day one and continues to keep viewers engaged throughout each broadcast. Last year, Idol welcomed two new judges to sit alongside Grammy Award-winning producer and 20 year music industry veteran Randy Jackson on the panel for Season 10: Golden Globe-nominated actress, platinum-selling recording artist, movie producer and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez; and multiple Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, frontman of Aerosmith and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Steven Tyler.

American Idol Hollywood Week Recap: First Round of Eliminations

The first round of Hollywood Week eliminations happened last night on American Idol. The contestants were split into groups and took turns singing on stage. Judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson deliberated before choosing which contestants were staying and which were eliminated.

Some of the highlighted contestants put through include Rachel Zevita, the former season 6 contestant who Lopez said she remembered; Casey Abrams, the Seth Rogan-look-alike; James Durbin, who suffers from Tourette’s and a form of autism; Paris Tassin, a young mom who has a daughter with hearing problems; Chris Medina, the young man whose fiancé was severely injured in a car accident just months before their wedding; and Holly Cavanaugh, who nearly blew her first audition but got a second chance from Lopez.

Next week, the contestants will do group performances before the next round of eliminations.

Donny Osmond Reacts To The New And ‘Unimproved’ American Idol Following It’s Season Premiere On Fox

The Longtime Entertainer Comments On His Disappointment

Of American Idol’s Tenth Season Premiere On His 

Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

Donny Osmond dished his thoughts about the new and, according to Osmond, ‘unimproved’ American Idol on his nationally syndicated radio show, The Donny Osmond Show, after the January 20 Season 10 premiere on Fox

Here’s what the notable entertainer had to say: “It’s Donny Osmond and Season 10 of American Idol kicked off last night. Lots of pressure for the show, and a lot to prove. OK, look, let me say this, AI first and foremost is a television program. It is not reality. It is packaged for entertainment.”

Osmond continues, “Now, the first rule of entertainment is there has to be some kind of conflict. Conflict is what makes it interesting. I’m sorry, but without Simon Cowell, there is no conflict. With Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, you have three white hats and no villain. It just doesn’t work! There were lots of “I’m sorries” and “you are so sweet” and “I really like you”…no way. Simon Cowell is sorely missed, and if last night was any indication, Season 10 will be the final season of AI. That’s just my opinion, and I know that if I was at the judge’s table I would find it hard to reject people…but I’m not. Yes, it’s great to have two genuine superstars and an industry veteran at the table, but, there is no bad guy. There is no spark. There is no conflict. It’s been fun, American Idol, but it’s time to say ‘see ya!”

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler Take Their Places At ‘American Idol’ Judges’ Table

Producer Nigel Lythgoe tweets picture of new judging lineup at New Jersey auditions.

For those wondering what it will look like when Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler take their spots next to Randy Jackson at the judges’ tab le on “American Idol” next season, Nigel Lythgoe is giving fans a sneak peek. On Tuesday, the “Idol” executive producer tweeted a photo of the new lineup.

The photo was taken at auditions in New Jersey, and in it Lythgoe seems to be directing Tyler, Lopez and Jackson, who all sit at their rightful spots at the judges’ table, as well as the show’s superstar host, Ryan Seacrest. “It’s great to be back on American Idol,” Lythgoe wrote. “The judges were great.”  Read more at MTV News>>