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Robert Pattinson Signs Up For Expensive London Library

Twilight actor Robert Pattinson has reportedly signed up to become a member of the prestigious London Library in Piccadilly.

The 25-year-old is said to have been burying his head in books in the library for hours at a time.

A source told British newspaper The Mail On Sunday: ‘Robert decided he’d been spending too much time lying about smoking, watching movies and munching junk food.

‘He wants to expand his mind. He’s splashed out £18,500 for a lifetime membership there. Hugh Grant is also signed up.’


2011 MTV Movie Awards Winners List: Twilight Eclipse Wins Big

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards were held Sunday at the Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, California. Big winners of the night included Twilight: Eclipse, which earned three awards including Best Movie; and Chloe Moretz, who took home two awards.  
Best Movie: “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”
Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”
Best Male Performance: Robert Pattinson, “The Twilight Sage: Eclipse”
Best Scared as Shit Performance: Ellen Page, “Inception”
Best Jaw Dropping Moment: Justin Bieber, “Never Say Never”
Best Line from a Movie: Alexys Nicole Sanchez, “Grown Ups”
Best Comedic Performance: Emma Stone, “Easy A”
Biggest Badass Star: Chloe Moretz
Best Breakout Star: Chloe Moretz, “Kick Ass”
Best Villain: Tom Felton, “Harry Potter”
Best Kiss: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
Generation Award: Reese Witherspoon

Britney Spears To Become A Comic Book Star

Pop superstar Britney Spears has become the latest celebrity to be immortalised in a comic book.

The Toxic hitmaker’s rise to stardom and highly publicised private life has been turned into a series of illustrations by heads at Bluewater Productions Inc., who recently turned Lindsay Lohan’s woes into a story.
Other stars who have been given the comic book treatment by the firm include Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as well as Lady Gaga.
Writer Patrick McCray says, “She is far more complicated than most people realize. No matter what preconceptions you have about her, there will always be more layers and surprises. Beyond the performer, there is a real human being there, struggling for a real life, struggling to connect with her art, and struggling to be understood.”
The 32-page comic is due for release on Wednesday (11May11).

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon Premiere ‘Water for Elephants’ in London

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon just walked the red carpet for the London premiere of their new movie Water for Elephants.
Expect to see a whole lot more of these two, (especially RPattz) as they make their way around the globe promoting the circus-themed period drama.
The Twilight hunk channeled his inner Edward Cullen by choosing to wear all black while Reese shined in a gorgeous bright blue gown.
We guess Pattinson has already started preparations for promoting Breaking Dawn.

2011 MTV Movie Awards Nominations:: Vampires Vs. Wizards

Photos: Courtesy of  Summit and Warner Bros.

We always knew it would come to this: It’s wizards versus vampires at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards (aring June 5 at 8 p.m. ET on — you guessed it — MTV).

The network has announced the nominations for its 20th annual ceremony, and it’s official: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 will square off against The Twilight Saga: Eclipse for best movie. Potter’s Emma Watson will duke it out with Twilight’s Kristen Stewart for best female performance. And Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe will have to face down Twilight’s Robert Pattinson for best male performance.

Twilight had the most nods of any movie with eight, also garnering noms for best kiss and best fight. Potter, which tallied six total nominations, scored nods for best kiss (between Harry and Hermione!) and best villain (for Draco Malfoy’s portrayer Tom Felton).

These movies may not have dominated the Oscars, but boy do they get teen girls invested. The show’s host, Jason Sudeikis, had better watch what jokes he makes at the expense of these “supernatural” stars. If the wizards and vamps don’t kill him, their teen fans might!

Which of these blockbuster franchises will carry the day? With its sultry love affair at the center of the action, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse may have the upper hand. But is it possible that neither film will come out on top? Why, of course. Fans could split their votes between the two, leaving one of the remaining three nominated films (Black Swan, Inception or The Social Network) to steal the popcorn trophy. Our money would be on Inception, which earned a not-too-shabby seven total nominations. In particular, star Joseph Gordon-Levitt might want to get ready for his close-up — he’s nominated for both best fight and biggest badass star!

In the meantime, if you’d like to see a full list of nominess and, more importantly, if you’d like to make your voice to be heard in this important matter, you can vote at through June 4.

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In ‘Water for Elephants,’ Safety Stars in the Center Ring: From Large Cats to Larvae, American Humane Association Certifies That ‘No Animals Were Harmed’®

From a four-ton elephant to tiny fly larvae, American Humane Association was on the set of “Water for Elephants” ensuring that every animal in the production was treated humanely and kept safe. American Humane Association awarded this 20th Century Fox film its highest rating, “Monitored: Outstanding – ‘No Animals Were Harmed’ ®.”
“It’s a big endorsement to get from the American Humane Association,” said lead actress Reese Witherspoon. “They’re very conscious of how the animals are treated. They’re on set every day, making sure the animals were provided safe facilities and safe transportation and that they can only work a certain amount of hours. They are just the happiest animals — you can tell!”
Lead actor Robert Pattinson said, “Elephants are the most sophisticated, gentle creatures you could possibly hope to work with.” He noted, “It’s nice to know that there’s a company that literally was [even] looking after the maggots, checking after the maggots being treated right.”
Based on the best-selling novel by Sara Gruen, “Water for Elephants” is about a veterinary student who joins a traveling circus during the Depression era. Among the animals he attends to are horses, lions, tigers, leopards, zebras, llamas and his favorite, Rosie the elephant. Rosie was played by Tai, who lives on a ranch in Southern California. During the day, Tai stayed around her large, custom transport vehicle, free to go in or out as she wished. She worked on-set only a couple of hours at a time and received plenty of breaks for rest, snacks and “calls of nature.” Throughout the entire filming process, an American Humane Association Certified Animal Safety Representative™, Gina Johnson, ensured that Tai received proper treatment. While Tai and her trainer focused on her performance, Johnson diligently monitored the temperature, lighting, other animals, people and other requirements of American Humane Association’s“Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media.”
Although the animal abuse scenes in “Water for Elephants” appear intense, no animals were harmed in filming them. The perception of abuse was created using makeup, fake blood, computer-generated images and post-production sound effects. “Tai was never hit in any way at all,” Johnson said. The elephant did witness the actors swinging sticks and yelling loudly, as they acted out the beating scenes; however, even that aspect of the scene was carefully planned and rehearsed so Tai would not feel anxious or afraid. Tai’s trainer gave her constant positive reinforcement, such as a food treat or play time, to motivate her. So what was one of this enormous animal’s favorite motivational treats? A marshmallow!
Read a report from on the set of “Water for Elephants” and a detailed description of how the animal action was achieved safely at

Water for Elephants

Robert Pattinson Talks Underwear And Karaoke On ‘Ellen’-VIDEO

Source: MTV News
Robert Pattinson is everywhere these days as he promotes his upcoming romantic drama “Water for Elephants.” But leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to plumb fresh (and often endearingly bizarre) territory with the 24-year-old star.
When RPattz stopped by “Ellen” — the pre-taped interviewed aired Wednesday (April 20) — their conversation ranged from his choice of underwear to why he’s more comfortable around wild animals than people to one of the best days of his life.
That day came last fall, when he popped into a bar in Lubbock, Texas (home of Texas Tech’s 30,000 students) to sing a little karaoke. Before he knew it, though, a mob had gathered outside. But the police locked down the area and Pattinson and a friend were free to belt out tunes like R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”
“We got stuck in the bar for hours and hours because there was this big crowd outside,” said Rob, who was content to hang out and sing. “It was one of the best days of my life!”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Fuel Romance Rumors With Kiss

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have fuelled ongoing rumours they are secretly dating after they were photographed in an intimate clinch in New York on Sunday night (April 17).

The actor was in town for the official screening of Water For Elephants, his new movie with Reese Witherspoon, and after he walked the red carpet alone, Pattinson was spotted leaving a post-premiere party with his Twilight co-star Stewart.
The actress was seen taking Pattinson’s arm as they stepped into a waiting car together, and a subsequent snap appears to show them leaning in for a kiss.
The pair, who play onscreen lovers in the popular vampire franchise, has long been rumoured to be a real life couple, but both have denied the dating speculation.

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon: Water For Elephants Opens April 22!

Water For Elephants, starring Christoph Waltz, Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon, opens in theaters Friday, April 22. The drama tells the story of an unlikely romance between a veterinary school student and a circus performer. Jacob and Marlena bond over their mutual love for a special elephant named Rosie, but their love for each other is challenged by Marlena’s cruel husband, the circus’s head trainer August.