Richard Gere

Richard Gere: ‘not easy’ to find good scripts in Hollywood

Actor Richard Gere is convinced he would work more often if he were offered better scripts.

The Pretty Woman star admits there are very few quality films on offer in Hollywood, and calls his compelling new drama Arbitrage “a rarity”.

He tells the BBC Breakfast TV show, “(I get many scripts but) not good ones, no. I would work more if there were better scripts, to be honest. This (Arbitrage) was a rarity. This is not the movie that people are looking for now to finance. So this was not easy.”

Gere has also scaled back on the number of projects he signs up for so he can spend more time with his family.

He adds, “I would prefer that (a movie is shot) within an hour of my house, yes, so that I can see my family. And I don’t work weekends because that’s for my family, that’s a rule I have. If, for some reason, I am thinking about doing something that doesn’t fit that, I talk it over with my family. I say, ‘What do you think? Is this gonna be OK for us if I do this?’ And my son’s part of that discussion. He says, ‘No dad, we’ve got baseball, we’ve got this. I kind of need you around now.’ I can’t imagine I would say, ‘Well, sorry, I’m going anyway.’ That’s more important to me.”