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Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Birthday with Wax Figure From Madame Tussauds Hollywood

After three months of voting from thousands of fans, the results are in and Ryan Reynolds is the next celebrity immortalized in wax at Madame Tussauds Hollywood. In a first for the legendary attraction, fans were given the opportunity to weigh in via Facebook as to what figure they would like to see. In a close race between well-known stars Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Hudson and Sofia Vergara, Reynolds came out on top due to a tremendous outpouring of support from his fans. Perfectly timed with Reynolds’ birthday today, the figure is being unveiled to the public.

“Thank you to everyone at Madame Tussauds Hollywood for their hard work and talent,” said Reynolds after seeing the completed figure. “This is undoubtedly the largest and most spectacular birthday candle I’ve ever received.”

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Ryan Gosling Sends Letter of Apology For Missing Cannes Premiere

Actor Ryan Gosling personally apologized to the media at the Cannes Film Festival for skipping the premiere of his new movie Only God Forgives on Wednesday by penning a letter explaining his absence.

The actor was expected to promote his latest project with Drive filmmaker Nicholas Winding Refn, but filming on his directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster, forced him to miss the screening and related press commitments.

The gracious Hollywood hunk made it known that he was upset about not attending by sending an apology.

The letter, read out at a press conference for the film by festival director Thierry Fremaux, reads: “Can’t believe I’m not In Cannes. I was hoping to come but I’m on week three shooting my film in Detroit. Miss you all. Nicolas, my friend, we really are the same persons in different dimensions. I’m sending you good vibrations.”

And Refn insisted he had no hard feelings towards Gosling for choosing to continue work on How to Catch a Monster over their big premiere – because he understands what his pal is going through.

He told reporters, “I would never even do it (leave a project for a premiere) if I was in his situation. One thing is being an actor. When you’re directing, it’s another arena. But I speak to him every day on the phone. In a way, he is here.”

Gosling’s presence may not have been enough to win over the audience at Cannes – the bloody and violent film, about a drug smuggler who is pressured into avenging his brother’s death, was reportedly met with boos by festival attendees.

A writer for Vulture.com reports: “When one painfully long torture sequence concluded with eye and ear mutilation, the audience revolted. When one character stuck his hand inside a woman’s slashed body, the audience locked and loaded its boos. Gosling doesn’t have much to say in this movie, but the auditorium sure did.”

Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Praises Ryan Gosling

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has said that he admires Ryan Gosling’s body and thinks The Place Beyond the Pines actor is “handsome.”

The 30-year-old British star, who plays the part of Bully in fantasy thriller How To Catch A Monster, which is Gosling’s directorial debut, admitted that Gosling is a hunk.

Speaking to Total Film magazine, Smith said: ”[Do I have a man crush on him?] I would have no idea, but obviously I have admired his abdominals in Crazy Stupid Love. Yes, he’s a very handsome man, that’s for sure.”

Matt continued to lavish praise at the 32-year-old Hollywood star, who is dating Eva Mendes, adding: ”He’s cool. He’s bright, you know. He’s got a really clear, really brilliant vision for his film. And I’m a huge fan of his work as an actor.

“I think he makes brilliant choices. I think it’s important to work with people you’re inspired by, and I absolutely was when I met him.”

Ryan Gosling Hated Face Tattoo For New Movie

Actor Ryan Gosling regretted adorning his face with a fake tattoo for new movie The Place Beyond the Pines as he couldn’t bear to look in the mirror afterwards.

The Hollywood star plays a bad boy who turns to crime to help support his baby, and Gosling wanted to show his character’s questionable lifestyle choices through his tattoos.

However, the actor hated the eventual design choice, a dagger dripping blood by his left eye, and even complained to director Derek Cianfrance.

However, Cianfrance was unsympathetic and ordered Gosling to put up with the fake inking.

Gosling tells Metro.us, “We wanted to make the tattoos look a mess, from someone who lived a life of not thinking things through and making bad decisions. When I went for the tattoo, I thought, this is stupid, this is dumb, I can’t do this.

“And Derek was like ‘Well, that’s how most people feel about their face tattoos’. I didn’t even want to look at myself in the mirror. I felt like I knew what he (the character) was like. When I was holding Tony Pizza, the kid who plays our child, I just felt ashamed this person I created was his father.

Ryan Gosling Filmed Bank Robbery Scene in Front of Real Customers

Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling filmed a bank robbery scene for his new movie in front of real customers.

The Gangster Squad star plays a motorcycle stuntman-turned-bank robber in The Place Beyond The Pines, and in one scene his character is seen staging a heist.

Gosling has now revealed the movie crew filmed the shootout in a real bank and filled the place with real customers and staff members instead of using actors.

He says, “I’m there with a gun and I look down and people are just smiling. They were just enjoying the show and I think I spotted someone filming me on their camera phone as I robbed the place.”

Ryan Gosling And Mila Kunis Top Fans’ Sexual Fantasies Poll

Ryan Gosling and Mila Kunis have topped a new poll to find the stars fans most want to have sex with.

The Notebook hunk scored 50 per cent of the vote from Details.com readers, while Zac Efron and Adam Levine came in second and third place, respectively. Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper rounded out the top five.

Meanwhile, Ted beauty Kunis was the leading lady in fans’ sexual fantasies with 41 per cent of the vote, followed by Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox.

Ryan Gosling Invites Fan to Join Him on Talk Show

Ryan Gosling thrilled a female fan when he picked her from the studio audience to appear with him during an interview on Conan.

After acknowledging that many people frequent talk shows in a bid to get on camera, the movie star opted to make someone’s dream come true and invited pretty Linda from Westminster, California to join him onstage – and answer Conan O’Brien’s questions.

When he asked her about her hometown, Gosling whispered in the fan’s ear and she repeated his comedy comment, telling O’Brien, “I like your suit, do they make it for men?”

Gosling then whispered another line into his new friend’s ear and she repeated, “You have a big mouth and you just like to run it.”

O’Brien laughed and said, “This is the most hostile interview I’ve ever taken part in.”

Ryan Gosling To Star In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Ryan Gosling could possibly be cast for a role in the upcoming adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” In aninterview with Now Magazine, the husband of the book’s author may have let it slip out that Gosling is a front runner for the role of Christian Grey.

Other actors thought to be in contention for the role include Chris Pine, Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard. Since the books were so successful, casting for “Fifty Shades of Grey” has been the talk of the tabloids this summer.

Book sales of “Fifty Shades of Grey” have increased substantially, making it the fastest selling paperback book of all time, even beating out the “Twilight” Series.

Golden Globes Fashion: Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman Go Ultra Glam

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Photo: Goldenglobes.org
If the Golden Globes are the Oscars’ more casual sister, nobody told Hollywood: Celebs went ultra glam at the show on Sunday (January 16). Sure, all the guys looked dapper in their suits, but a slew of young Hollywood’s newest studs really turned up the fashion charm.
Justin Bieber looked like the perfect prom date in his D&G tuxedo with tie, vest and kicks. He completed the look with purple 3-D glasses, and his date for the night was “Never Say Never” director Jon Chu. Looking equally posh was Robert Pattinson in his sleek black Gucci suit. Shout-outs to Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling, who looked perfectly dashing in their tuxes.

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