SAG 2013 Awards

Claire Danes Opens Up About Newborn Son Cyrus At SAG Awards

When Claire Danes walked the red carpet at the SAG Awards on Sunday she had other things on her mind besides whether or not she would win best actress for her starring role on Homeland. The actress was thinking of her newborn son Cyrus when she stopped to talk to E! host Giuliana Rancic.

“He’s six weeks and getting fat. It’s very exciting. All that time on the boob is starting to result in growth,” Danes said.

“He’s getting rolls … thank goodness they’ve arrived. He’s starting to smile a little bit and he kind of knows I exist,” she revealed. “That’s reassuring – that feedback is amazing.”

Cyrus is Danes’ first child with husband Hugh Dancy. The couple welcomed him on December 17.

Danes, 33, ended up winning best actress in a drama series for her role as CIA agent Carrie Mathison. Speaking to Rancic about the intense role, Danes said her home life helps her step in and out of character easily.

“I’m able to disassociate,” she said. “There are all these unconscious rituals that help me engage and disengage – like taking my wedding ring on and off helps free me up. I wouldn’t be able to sustain it otherwise.”