Rocker John Lydon Fuming Over Money Making Festivals

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Former Sex Pistols  star John Lydon  laments the loss of “free will” at modern music festivals – insisting organisers only care about making money and selling tickets.

The rocker is gearing up to play a number of outdoor events with his band Public Image Ltd next summer (11) but admits the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the gigs has vanished.

He says, “Next year’s gigs are booked. I love the festivals, although the spirit of free will just isn’t there which festivals used to have.
“Forty years ago, festivals were stunning and now it is just people with cash in hand, which is a little tough. It is all about headlining and half the bands are miming anyway.”
Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs

A lawsuit by a TV producer who alleged Sex Pistols rocker Johnny Rotten punched her in the face has been settled out of court.
In June 2008, Roxanne Davis filed suit against the hellraising punk – real name John Lydon – after he allegedly called her a “c**t” and punched her in the face after being left unsatisfied with his accommodation at th e five star Los Angeles Ritz Carlton hotel.
Davis, who worked on a reality TV show on which Lydon was a judge, accu sed the star of sexual harassment, assault and battery.
Earlier this month (Sep10), Davis asked an L.A. judge to dismiss the ca se after both parties decided to settle out of court.
The producer’s lawyer, Keith Fink, tells that the matter “has been satisfactorily settled.”

Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten PVC 6

At Max’s Kansas City, Sid Vicious Did it His Way….

Hey, old-time Max’s Kansas City fans… The NY Post recently ran an awesome piece exploring Sid & Nancy-related spots around the city, with 213 Park Ave S., former home to Max’s Kansas City, at its center. Check it out: 

Sid Vicious played most of his post-Sex Pistols gigs at Max’s, including his final public performance.  

A list of the famous and infamous who took the stage at Max’s can be viewed here: 
Pretty cool stuff, don’t ya think?

John Lyndon Upsets Palestinians With Tel Aviv Gig

John Lyndon has received hate mail after announcing plans to perform in Is rael weeks after acts like the Pixies and Elvis Costello boycotted the co untry in protest over its policy towards Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
The former Sex Pistols star, aka Johnny Rotten, will take the reformed Public Image Ltd. to Tel Aviv for a concert and he reveals the decision h asn’t been a popular one – but he has no plans to back down.
Lydon tells the BBC, “Of course, there are all sorts of terrible politi cs going on down there but there is just about all over the world. You ca nnot separate yourself from your audience because of the political powers -that-be.
“I’m anti-government… and I shall be making that loud and clearly pro ud once I’m in Israel.
“We’ve received a lot of hate mail… (but) I say, ‘Don’t be so ignoran t, it’s John speaking here and I’m going there to cause trouble and I wil l do it musically.'”