Simon and Garfunkel

On The Radio: Columbia People Re-Unite At Davis Town Hall Meeting

At yesterday’s Sirius/XM Town Hall meeting at Radio City Music Hall, where music-chieftain CLIVE DAVIS held court discussing his current bio THE SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE, one of the questions chosen from the audience was from Barbara Winterble, who worked at the Columbia Records A&R department some 48 years ago with Mike Berniker, Charlie Calello, Bruce Lundvall and Micky Eichner; and whose son Brett, has his own talk show on the station; THE BRETT WINTERBLE SHOW.

She well recalls Davis, then functioning as general counsel for the label, as well as when recalls “Simon and Garfunkel coming by to hang out at the office,” right before Sounds of Silence hit big, she recalls.

The two had a lively chat and Davis confirmed to being a guest on her son’s show. The show will air Saturday night on Sirius/XM.