Sonny and Cher Show

Will Life Imitate Art For Cher’s New Album?

Cher is hoping life will imitate art. For the cover of her 26th album, Cher has gone platinum. Blonde that it. Maybe it foretells of things to come and the record will go platinum too. Cher hasn’t put out new studio album in over 10 years. Cher’s new album, which is called “Closer to the Truth,” will be released at the end September.

Cher has been releasing chart-topping music since the 1960s. First as part of the power couple Sonny and Cher, which also spawned a TV variety show. The “Sonny and Cher Show” ran until the couple divorced. And then it ran again because it was too popular not to run even if the couple weren’t together.

Cher doesn’t always listen to her own music. She said “Truthfully, I’m not a huge Cher fan and I’ve said this many times, but I think this is the best album I’ve ever done.” More here>>

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