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Walking with the Wounded: Prince Harry Should Reach the South Pole By Friday

Prince Harry should reach the South Pole by Friday afternoon.

After weeks on a 200-mile ice trek to benefit Wounded Warriors, Harry sees the finish quickly approaching and even joked about finishing on “Friday the 13th.”

“Second from last day, I think,” he said Wednesday during interviews. “Another 11 km to go, to setup camp. One more full day tomorrow and a half day on Friday and we’re going to the South Pole — on Friday the 13th. Unlucky for some, lucky for us.”

What began as a race with three teams turned into everyone joining forces just to reach the South Pole when conditions became worse than expected earlier this week. Everyone had about 27km left when Thursday’s trek began.

With snow storms that pushed temperatures to around -50C this week, Harry said the conditions have definitely taken their toll, but that everyone is pushing through.

“Not too bad. Wind has dropped now, which is quite nice,” he added. “And everyone is feeling a bit tired, but we’re slowly getting into the rhythm. We got into the rhythm and it’s almost finished.”

Since the entire trek is to help servicemen and women who have suffered life-changing injuries, Harry admitted earlier in the trip that he had “no excuses” but to finish.

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Prince Harry’s South Pole Trek Suspended

British royal Prince Harry has been forced to suspend his expedition to the South Pole due to safety concerns.
The prince is taking part in a race across the Antarctic against teams headed by actors Alexander Skarsgard and Dominic West, but organisers halted the trek on Friday as the adventurers encountered dangerous terrain.
The challenge’s director Ed Parker reveals the participants were struggling with the conditions, and concerns for their safety promoted organisers to stop the mission.
Speaking on Saturday, Parker explained, “Until now, the three teams have been racing against one another across the Antarctic plateau, but yesterday I took the decision to suspend the race. The reason for this is entirely simple – safety, which remains the core principle of our expeditions.
“While all three teams were progressing well, it was becoming evident that there was a higher degree of stress imposed on the team members, due to unprecedented terrain on the plateau.”
The Walking With the Wounded trek, which is raising money for injured troops, is expected to resume, although the teams will no longer be encouraged to race each other to the South Pole.

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Prince Harry Heads off to South Pole

 Prince Harry, the fourth in line to the British throne, on Sunday began his long-planned final push to the South Pole, according to the organization sponsoring the trip.
Weather conditions had left it uncertain when the expedition could set out, reported Walking With the Wounded, the group sponsoring the mission.
However, Harry’s team set out Sunday afternoon. The 15-day mission, which covers the remaining distance from their first landing point in Antarctica to the South Pole, will take the team 280 kilometres to the Earth’s southernmost point. Twelve kilometres are planned for the first day.
Harry is accompanied by recovering war veterans, some who are making the trip with the aid of prosthetics. The expedition consists of three teams, who hope to reach their destination by December 16 and are raising money for military charities from their home countries, Britain, the United States, Australia and Canada.
Source: Channel24

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Prince Harry Arrives in Antarctic For Charity Race

British Prince Harry arrived at a Russian research station in the Antarctic to prepare for a race to the South Pole for charity, The Telegraph reported.

The race includes three teams of army veterans from Britain, the United States, and Canada and Australia racing to the South Pole for a charity the newspaper did not name.

Racing for the U.S. team is “True Blood” actor Alexander Skarsgard, and for the Canadian-Australian group is “The Wire” actor Dominic West, RIA Novosti reported.

The teams are scheduled to spend two days at Russia’s Novolazarevskaya research station, becoming acclimated to the weather before setting off for the 124-mile race, The Telegraph said.

The teams are expected to face temperatures as low as minus 49 degrees F, RIA Novosti said.

Photo Alert: Madame Tussauds Unveils Prince Harry Wax Figure Ahead of South Pole Walk

Madame Tussauds revealed a wax version of Prince Harry as he embarks on Walking With The Wounded South Pole Challenge.

Prince Harry begins his journey to the South Pole as part of the Walking With the Wounded challenge this weekend.

And to mark the start of the gruelling endeavour, which will see three teams trek hundreds of kilometres in sub-zero temperatures, London’s famous waxwork museum Madame Tussauds has unveiled a Prince Harry in (Ant)artic clothing.

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Prince Harry Breaks Toe Weeks Before South Pole Trek

Prince Harry has vowed to continue with his 208-mile trek across Antarctica despite suffering a foot injury.

Harry, 29, who recently became an uncle to Prince George, broke one of his toes just weeks before he is due to begin the gruelling South Pole expedition.

“Prince Harry has broken his toe in the last few weeks,” a spokesman for the fourth-in-line explained.

“He will not be revealing how it happened, it is a private matter.

“However, there is no doubt about the South Pole trek. He will definitely be going.”

Harry has been training non-stop for the 16-day expedition, which will see him face harsh winds and freezing cold temperatures.

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