Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek Enterprise DVD Sales Soar in Anticipation of the 2010 Star Trek Convention

Prepare yourselves for the annual Star Trek Convention! This year’s event is scheduled for the Westin O’Hare in Chicago, Illinois from October 22-24. Chicago has a great history of hospitality, and with a sizable fan base of locals, Star Trek fans are looking forward to a great time. If you’ve misplaced something from your Star Trek Enterprise DVD set, head to and make your collection whole again.

It’s been nearly a decade since we were introduced to this take on the universe, first introduced to us in the 60’s by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. Get ready for the festivities by catching up on all 4 seasons of this American classic and catching all of the adventure on the Star Trek Enterprise DVD. Special events at this year’s convention will include a lecture by, none other than, Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original Star Trek series. The lecture will cover topics stemming from Nimoy’s new photography exhibit, “Secret Selves,” set to debut this year at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. There will also be a special evening of hilarity and music written and directed by Max Grodenchik and starring Vaughn Anderson, Casey Biggs, Jeffery Combs, and Armin Shimerman.

If you’re not sure who borrowed your Star Trek Enterprise DVD, or if you want to get your friends and family caught up, it’s time to head to and finish your collection.

Star Trek Enterprise - The Complete First Season