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Inside story of Marie Osmond’s Wedding

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Secrecy surrounding the wedding was so tight that Marie reportedly did not tell her immediate family until three days prior. That presented a problem for some of her famous brothers who couldn’t make it.  The show went on with their blessing, but not their presence. 

Donny was one of the exceptions. ” I wish everybody could have been there, but this was such a secret to keep the paparazzi away that when Marie did say, ‘okay, let it out’ everybody had other obligations they couldn’t get out of.

“Since I’m working with her in Vegas, I was there and so I was able to make it.”

The sealing of Marie Osmond to Steve Craig on Wednesday was a quiet, intimate ceremony for the two families.

Donny recalls, “I think one of the most special moments for me was when I looked over at the two witnesses in the sealing room there at the Nevada temple — the Las Vegas temple — and one was Steve Craig’s brother and the other was Stephen — Marie and Steve’s son.”

Donny Osmond: "Marie’s Wedding Was Beautiful and Special"

Donny Osmond has spoken out about his sister Marie’s surprise Las Vegas wedding ceremony, revealing the special day was small and emotional.

The Puppy Love singer was among a small group of guests who watched as Marie Osmond remarried her ex-husband Stephen Craig on Wednesday (May 4).
Footage from the surprise nuptials debuted on Entertainment Tonight, the news show Marie often works for as a correspondent, on Wednesday evening, and her brother agreed to talk about the ceremony.
He said, “She started crying, I stared crying and everybody in the room started crying because it was so beautiful, it was such a special moment… Despite what has happened in the past, these two people belong together and it feels right… My sister is so happy.”
Osmond reveals there were only two witnesses at the wedding – Craig’s brother and Marie and Stephen’s son, Stephen, Jr.
He added, “She wanted a very simple wedding and that’s exactly what it was.”
But there will be a “big family affair” in the coming weeks because Marie waited until the last minute to tell everyone about the wedding – and many important people couldn’t be there, according to Donny.

Marie Osmond and First Husband Stephen Craig Remarry

Marie Osmond walked down the aisle a third time Wednesday, her rep tells People magazine. The Dancing with the Stars album tied the knot with her first husband, former basketball player Stephen Craig, at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple. Osmond wore the same Ret Turner gown that she wore to their first wedding in 1982.

“I am so happy and look forward to sharing my life with Stephen, who is an amazing man as well as a great father to my children,” says Osmond, who has a son with Craig and 8 children with second husband Brian Blosil.

Not only is May 4 Osmond’s new wedding anniversary, but it is also the birthday of her late son Michael, who took his own life in February 2010, and late mother Olive. “It was important that both Michael and my mom were with us on this special day,” the singer told People magazine.

Osmond, 51, and Craig, 54, were divorced in 1985 after 3 years of marriage. She wed Blosil in 1986 and they remained together until March 2007.