Super 8

Super 8 Cast Pranked Abrams With Missing Script Story

The young cast of Super 8 gave director J.J. Abrams a scare by pretending the film’s top secret script was lost in a shopping mall.

The film’s star Riley Griffiths was given the task of breaking the bogus bad news to Abrams as part of an April Fools’ Day prank, and he admits he was terrified of upsetting the director.

He says, “We came up with this idea where we tell him that I lost the script in a mall in L.A. and it’sonline right now… I didn’t want to do this… I was so scared and when I go in, I look up and there’s a window above J.J’s office and I see all the boys lined up.

“I was on the verge of crying because I didn’t want to do this… I could just see the disappointment in his face.”

Steven Spielberg – Super 8 Train Crash Brings Back Happy Spielberg Memories

Scenes of a train crash in Steven Spielberg ‘s new film Super 8 are of extreme significance in the movie mogul’s life – because the first thing he shot on camera was his model trains colliding.
The filmmaker acts as producer on the movie and he admits it was a caboose collision that first got him interested in the art of making movies as a kid.
He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, “I was denied a chance to break my trains for the 20th time. My dad said, ‘You break your trains one more time, I’m taking the set away.’ “So I took my dad’s moviecamera and staged the final train wreck… I shot one train going left to right, and the other train going right to left, and then shot both running into each other.
“After that, I was able to enjoy watching the trains collide without having to risk breaking them.”