Interview: Justin Timberlake Talks The 20/20 Experience

Today Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience debuted selling 968,000 records, and last week JT hit the TV hard with performances and comedy on SNL and a week on Jimmy Fallon – but so far Justin Timberlake has not revealed details of what the hell is going on in that handsome musical head of his…

Until Now! Myspace cornered JT at their SXSW Secret Show event and forced some candid responses out of him. Read how he wants to “fry everybody’s face off”with his songs; how he compares his Jay-Z tour to Billy Joel and Elton John; how he thinks it would be sacrilegious to compare anybody to Radiohead; how critics and radio programmers laughed him off upon release ofFutureSex/LoveSounds; how Jay-Z wanted to take his song; and how he feels if he and Timbaland actually had rhyme or reason to what they were doing “it would f**k it all up.” And what did he say about tripping at Coachella!?

A few choice teasers…

I want people to close their eyes and listen to this album. WHY JUSTIN?

We started messing around with the track, and then Jay came in and was like, What is this?” So I was like, well, do a verse! And then…THEN WHAT, JUSTIN?


We start messing around with stuff and like, sometimes he’ll come in the studio and he’ll leave his keyboard on and I’m banging out a beat on his keyboard, and he’s like…HE’S LIKE WHAT, JUSTIN?


I just think that anytime you put out something different, it’s polarizing. And polarizing is…IS WHAT JUSTIN?

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