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Bruce Springsteen Gives Fans Online Access to Concerts

Rock legend Bruce Springsteen is giving fans the chance to enjoy his shows from the comfort of their own homes by selling instant downloads of his gigs.

Fans of The Boss can buy special USB wristbands on the Internet or at one of his concerts, allowing them to download a concert of their choice hours after the event and watch online.

It will begin with his first ever show in South Africa, which is scheduled to take place in Cape Town on Jan. 28.

Springsteen revealed in a recent interview with National Public Radio that he would like to use the web for greater interaction with his fans.

He said, “I’d like to make things more available through the Internet. As a matter of fact, I believe on this tour, we’re starting to do something like you can come in, you can buy a band, you can get a copy of the night’s show. So hopefully we’re gonna do that at a really nice-quality level.”

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Official Apologises Over Bruce Springsteen’s Parking Fines

Council bosses in Leeds, England have apologized after Bruce Springsteen’s tour trucks were given parking tickets.

The Boss headed to the city to play for thousands of fans at Leeds Arena on Wednesday night, but drivers of his stage equipment landed in hot water with traffic wardens, who issued fines for parking their vehicles on a side street near the venue.

Council leader Keith Wakefield has now apologized for the move and has revoked the tickets.

He says, “It was somebody being a little bit stupid and zealous. It is an awareness thing. The lorries are supposed to park off-site and then be called into the arena.”

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