The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg Planning The Fighter Sequel

Mark Wahlberg is keen to do a sequel to ‘The Fighter’.

The actor – who starred as lead character ‘Irish’ Micky Ward in the movie, which won Best Supporting Actor and Actress Oscars for Christian Bale and Melissa Leo respectively – wants everyone to get on board with a second film because of the true story behind the boxing legend.

He said: “I got bit by the bug, and now I’m trying to plant the idea in everyone’s head that we should do – not five or six ‘Fighters’ like ‘Rocky’ – but one more because the big thing that Micky Ward was famous for was his three epic battles with Arturo Gatti.

“So we’re talking about possibly taking one more run at it.”

Mark also believes the original cast would be keen to get involved, including Amy Adams, because they all had such a good time on set.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “Everybody had such an amazing experience making the movie that I can’t imagine they wouldn’t want to go back. But it’s still kind in the early stages.”

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Bale & Leo Missed Each Other’s Oscars Speeches

Oscars protocol prevented The Fighter co-stars Christian Bale and Melissa Leofrom catching each other’s acceptance speeches on Sunday night – both stars were locked out of the Kodak Theatre auditorium.

Bale was refused entry to the theatre as he returned from a bar break to catch Leo’s Best Supporting Actress win and then the actress, who played his mum inThe Fighter, couldn’t get back to her seat to watch Bale’s Best Supporting Actor victory after accepting her award.

Bale missed movie history, when he failed to catch Leo’s speech, during which she became the first winner to utter the ‘F’ word on the Oscars stage.

He says, “I was out in the bar with Dicky (Eklund – the character he plays in the movie) and my wife, thinking that it was like the other awards, where you could just wander on in and then being barred out. I was literally banging on the door with Dicky… and they wouldn’t let us in.”

And then Leo failed to catch her co-star’s win: “I was locked out of the auditorium when he was getting his award.”