The Heat

Sandra Bullock to Host Movie Screening for Boston Cops

Sandra Bullock in a scene from The Heat.

Actress Sandra Bullock will host a special screening of her new Boston-set movieThe Heat for the city’s police force in the aftermath of the horrific marathon bombing.

The Hollywood actress plays an FBI agent who is sent to work on a case in Boston alongside a local cop, played by Melissa McCarthy, in the new crime comedy.

Movie bosses have now decided to honor the emergency workers affected by the Boston Marathon bombing last week by hosting a special screening for them in the city.

Bullock tells, “It’s been an amazing tight knit community before this happened, and it just bonded a community even more. I don’t think a screening would ever be enough (or) feel like it’s enough to do for them.”

Director Paul Feig adds, “The movie is such a love letter to Boston. A lot of our cast are Boston people, either born or raised. So we really would like to support that city. I love that city.”

A spokeswoman for 20th Century Fox has confirmed a date has yet to be set for the event, but it will be “a special screening in the town where it was shot”.

The Heat features an acting turn by New Kids on the Block singer Joey McIntyre, who crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon just minutes before two bombs exploded, killing three people and injuring more than 175.

The Heat is due for release in June.