The Kardashian Kollection

Kim Kardashian on Upcoming Wedding to Kris: We Have a Good Connection caught up with Kim Kardashian at the launch of her and her sister’s new clothing line for Sears, The Kardashian Kollection.

And while everyone’s obsessed with the dress and the guest list, we all forgot about the groom. Kris Humphries may be twice Kim’s height but Kim says that the two really compliment each other.

“It’s exciting to have that one person. We have a really good balancing system…like our personalities,” Kim tells Hollyscoop, “He lets me chill and he gives me my space…I kinda do the same for him. We just have a good connection.”

So is Kim freaking out about the big day? Not at all. “Everyone say’s you’re supposed to be freaked out, but I’m totally calm, I think that freakout moment already passed.”

Awww young love. Kim describes Kris as “the best. He’s really a genuine person and really supportive.”

Speaking of supportive, Kris Humphries was obviously Kim’s date for the launch of the Kardashian Kollection a project that the Kardashian sisters say is their “dream.”

“This is something we are so excited about, it’s our dream to design clothes,” says Kim, “I think that the whole collection really does represent Khloe, Kourtney and I…our personalities. We are excited to launch it and for everybody to see it.”

Momager Kris Jenner says her only wish for Kim on her big day is to try and remember everything. She tells us that her advice for Kim is that she, “enjoy every moment and take mental snapshots. Try to remember everything because it goes by so fast. All of a sudden it’s going to be over in a blink of an eye. I just want her to remember every single second. Good news is, we have a camera crewin tow.”

And the best advice from the matriarch of the family on having a happy marriage? “Have a good sense of humor, never take yourself too seriously, and give each other space.”

While the rest of us our drooling over the names on the guest list, everyone from Justin Bieber to Will Smith to Jennifer Lopez, however, it’s being reported that the fire marshal for the wedding venue told Kim she has to dis-invite 50 of her guests.

Life and Style mag revealed that “once the fire department learned about all the TV equipment that’s going to be inside the space…Kim was told she had to cut the guest list by 50 people!”

Though Humphries is letting Kim handle that one, “I have no idea how many people. Kim’s in charge.”

Though this should be no problem for Kim, she tells us that despite all the wedding planning, “I’m totally calm. I think that freaked out moment kind of passed.”

The lavish wedding is this Saturday with a two-hour special to arrive on E! in October.