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Cher Lines Up TV Appearances for Album Release Next Week

Cher‘s launching a media blitz to promote her new album Closer to the Truth, which arrives Tuesday. It’s her first album of new material in more than a decade.

First off, a profile on the singer will air on CBS Sunday Morning with Anthony Mason. Then on Monday, she’ll kick things off on NBC’s Today show, performing her single “Woman’s World,” and being featured during the 8 a.m., 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. hours of the show.

On Tuesday, Cher will visit her old pal David Letterman — who she once famously called a bad name — on The Late Show, and perform a song as well. And on October 1, look for her on Live with Kelly & Michael.

Heading further into next month, Cher’s appearances as a mentor on Blake Shelton‘s team on The View will air October 14, 15, 21 and 22.


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Jennifer Lawrence: “I Beat Meryl” Is A First Wives Club Quote

Jennifer Lawrence has set the record straight about her “What does it say? I beat Meryl” comment in her Golden Globes acceptance speech for best actress in a motion picture comedy. During an interview with David Letterman on Tuesday’s The Late Show Lawrence said she meant no disrespect towards Meryl Streep; she was simply quoting a line from the 1996 movie First Wives Club starring Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn.

“It’s never a good idea for me to wing it, but it was a quote from First Wives Club!” the Silver Linings Playbook actress explained. “Bette Midler was talking about a Globe — I can’t believe nobody has ever done it before — where she says, ‘Look what it says, it says I beat Meryl.'”

The comment prompted some viewers, including Lindsay Lohan, to criticize Lawrence’s choice of words. “No one should ever mess with a legend, such as Meryl Streep,” Lohan tweeted.

Lawrence is sure she did not offend Streep. “First of all, it’s Meryl Streep. You can’t offend Meryl Streep. And then all of the sudden I hate Meryl Streep. Is that what this turned into? I don’t like Meryl Streep? As if I had my eyes on getting that girl forever and I was like, ‘Finally! I knew it would happen one day!'”

“I wanted to make a public statement and say, ‘Hey idiots. It’s a quote from a movie,'” Lawrence added.

Lindsay Lohan Receives Apology from David Letterman Over Show Mix-Up

 TV host David Letterman has apologized to Lindsay Lohan after he mistakenly announced she would be appearing in a segment poking fun at herself on his talk show.

Chiefs at CBS sent out a release on Tuesday (Feb 15), stating the troubled actress would be reading the nightly Top Ten list on The Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday (Feb 17) via satellite from her home in California.

However, the Mean Girls star claimed she had not agreed to appear on the program and it was later discovered her estranged father Michael made the call to book the 24 year old on the show.
Letterman admits he was left red-faced when he realized the blunder – and he apologized to Lohan during his program on Wednesday night (Feb 16).
He said, “Last week I did a thing on the Grammys and there was a Lindsay Lohan joke about her stealing a Grammy award and the next day I get a call and it’s a guy saying, ‘Lindsay thought the joke was hilarious… she wants to be on your show.’
“I said great! I called publicity and I said get the press release out immediately… so it goes around the world and people are saying, ‘Are you kidding me, this is going to be fantastic’. And then Lindsay Lohan said none of that’s happening, it’s not true.
“It turns out we were duped. I have no one to blame but myself, and boy is my face red. Now I need to apologize to the Lindsay Lohan family, I hope I didn’t embarrass you Lindsay and your family.”
Lohan has been charged with felony grand theft over allegations she stole a necklace from a jeweller’s in Venice, California last month (Jan11). She’s currently free on bail and is due back in court on 23 February (11).