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The Monkees Pay Tribute To Davy Jones

The Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz says he had a premonition that Wednesday would be a terrible day after suffering bad dreams “all night long.”

The group’s British-born frontman Davy Jones died early on Wednesday after suffering a massive heart attack at the age of 66, and a heartbroken Dolenz reveals he had a feeling something was wrong hours before he learned of Jones’ passing.

In a statement, the singer/drummer says, “Can’t believe it… Still in shock… had bad dreams all night long.

“My love and prayers go out to Davy’s girls and family right now.”

Bassist Peter Tork has also issued his sentiments about Jones’ unexpected death, stating: “It is with great sadness that I reflect on the sudden passing of my long-time friend and fellow-adventurer, David Jones.

“His talent will be much missed; his gifts will be with us always. My deepest sympathy to (Jones’ widow) Jessica and the rest of his family. Adios, to the Manchester Cowboy.”

And former Monkee Mike Nesmith has also bid a fond farewell to his old pal.

In a lengthy post on, the guitarist writes, “That David has stepped beyond my view causes me the sadness that it does many of you. I will miss him, but I won’t abandon him to mortality. I will think of him as existing within the animating life that insures existence. I will think of him and his family with that gentle regard in spite of all the contrary appearances on the mortal plane.

“David’s spirit and soul live well in my heart, among all the lovely people, who remember with me the good times, and the healing times, that were created for so many, including us. I have fond memories. I wish him safe travels.”

Meanwhile, Star Trek icon William Shatner, singer Nancy Sinatra and veteran crooner Neil Diamond are among those who have also paid tribute to the late star via

Diamond writes, “I’m sad to hear about Davy Jones. The Monkees were such a sensation that it was a thrill for me to have them record some of my early songs.”

The Monkees’ most famous tune, I’m a Believer, was written by Diamond.