The Rscals


In the last two weeks, he’s interviewed DEBBIE GIBSON; GENE CORNISH (from The Rascals); KAREN LYNN GORNEY (from Saturday Night Fever); LON VAN EATON; HARRY HAUN from Playbill; CARMINE APPICE from The Vanilla Fudge; sex therapist DEBRA LAINO; ROBERT FUNARO (from The Sopranos); MARY WILSON, (The Supremes); HAYLEY WEXLER, (the director of the film HYSTERIA – that featured MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL and HUGH DANCY); MICKY DOLENZ; the Houston Chronicle society columnist turned stripper, SARAH TRESSLER; and, actor MATTHEW MODINE.

BRETT WINTERBLE, the new voice for American Intelligence, has landed. A writer as well, he also serves as the executive producer of the Roger Hedgecock Show; and, on occasion as his fill-in host. He’s also been a producer for the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show, where he wrote many of the parodies broadcast on the show. He’s also been involved with the Michael Reagan Show in LA.

Broadcast on Sirius/XM and Live 365, he estimates his regular audience at over a million. He show airs daily.

Adds Winterble: “I would like my show to be …thought of as a place that is comprised
of an ongoing conversation with topics that cross hours, days, even
weeks. An ongoing conversation of entertainment and politics with a dose of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humor.”

Talking about Rush, “Working with Rush was like …nothing else in radio. The guy works 24/7 on making his show sound exactly the way he wants it to sound. He runs his show like a rock ‘n roll DJ from the prime days of rock radio lots of ear candy, content and on air drama/comedy balancing. Instead of records its, callers and sound bites, lots of forward momentum.”

That what Winterble is all about … forward momentum.