The Wanted

Lohan Bar Fight Reportedly Over Max from The Wanted

According to a TMZ.COM EXCLUSIVE, “Lindsay Lohan punched another woman in the face over Max from the boy band “The Wanted” last night … and we’ve learned Max was turned off by the fact LiLo was sloppy drunk inside the club … this according to sources at the club. We’re told … Lindsay went to the Justin Bieber concert — but not to see the Biebs — “The Wanted” was the opening act … and Lindsay has been scoping Max out for the last few days. Sources say Lindsay tried to get backstage after the concert to see him — but she was blocked. Fast forward to later that evening when Lindsay met up with Max, Jay and Tom at a hotel bar. The four of them — along with one of LiLo’s friends — then went to Club Avenue together. As the evening wore on, we’re told Lindsay got drunker and drunker … and it turned Max off. he then set his sights on another woman, which enraged Lindsay. That woman is the one Lindsay is accused of battering. Ironically, Max washed his hands of both of them — found another girl in the club — and went home with her instead … while Lindsay ended up in jail.”


The Wanted: Most Wanted Band In New York This Week!

We were lucky enough to get to hang out with The Wanted, the latest British boy band to make it on the other side of the pond, on top of the Empire State Building this week. The guys were in town to do press and to debut their single “Chasing The Sun” on MTV. We hammed it up with the guys after their big photo op on the Empire State Building’s Observatory–where they weren’t afraid to put their hands through the grates. We have a little fear of heights, so we stood back and snapped a few pics!

(Themacwire’s contributor Anne Raso with the boys on Tuesday.)

The guys were great about taking our teasing about their hair not moving in the wind up on the Observatory and Jay revealed, “We all wear wigs” He invited us to pull on one of his forehead curls, but we know that he was just pulling our leg. The guys were also nice about the taunts from the paps to “move in One Direction or another”–after all, The Wanted has to take all sorts of comparisons in the press because of their X-Factor “brother band,” One Direction!

Tom tells us that “we should have a proper worldwide album out in October or November”! We look forward to that and will be reporting about The Wanted both here and in Teen Dream Magazine. Be on the lookout.

(Photos And Text By Anne Raso.)