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John Cafiero Accepts Grammy on Behalf of Dee Dee Ramone

Punk pioneers the Ramones were presented a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement at this year’s award ceremony. John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar vocalist) accepted on behalf of Dee Dee Ramone while Johnny Ramone’s wife Linda accepted for her husband, who formed the band that launched punk rock over 35 years ago out of New York City. Cafiero also manages the estates of Johnny, Dee Dee Ramone and the Ramones in general.

Mickey Leigh accepted on behalf of his brother, Joey Ramone, while the band’s original drummer and sole survivor, Tommy Ramone, was on hand to accept the award presented on behalf of himself and his bandmates.

“He was a musical mad scientist, an outsider and a tortured genius,” said Cafiero of Dee Dee Ramone, whom he cited as the most influential punk rock bassist of all-time.

Cafiero closed with a quote from Dee Dee himself – “ ‘Good Bunnies get the carrots’.”

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