Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Charlie Sheen Felt ‘Held Hostage’ By Lindsay Lohan During Sitcom Filming

Charlie Sheen has confirmed rumors that suggest troubled actress Lindsay Lohan frequently arrived late to work while filming a guest spot on his TV show Anger Management.

The Mean Girls star, who recently teamed up with the 47-year old in Scary Movie 5, plays herself in an upcoming episode of Sheen’s popular sitcom, and the actor admitted he felt like a “hostage” on his own set because he had no control over her tardy behavior.

Recent reports suggested Lohan was often late to set and attempted to walk away with pricey jewelery from the shoot, and on Wednesday Sheen addressed the tabloid gossip during an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

When asked whether it was true Lohan was late to work, Sheen quipped, “Not on day one… Day one, she was fabulous. She was on time; she knew her lines, hit every mark, made us look off our game… Then we had to deal with day two. It was as though she had us held hostage because she gave us half a show.”

Sheen also explained the star once showed up over two hours late after complaining of an earache: “She was really not feeling well. We worked around it. She was late, what can I say? But she got to the shoot prepared with an excuse.”

Host Leno then wondered whether any props went missing after Lohan appeared on the program, and the actor responded, “She borrowed some stuff and was told she had to pay for it and they would take it out of her check, and she said fine. That’s all it was.”

Lohan’s stint on the TV show will likely be her last acting job for the next few months – she is due to check into rehab by May 2 after pleading no contest to charges relating to a car crash in California last summer, which violated her probation on a jewelery theft charge.