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GOD BLESS OZZY OSBOURNE! A Report On The "Old Bat" From His Tribeca Film Festival Premiere!

Just when you thought it was okay to go back into the theater, the Prince Of Darkness re-emerges…and leaves you both laughing and crying. The film, interestingly enough, was financed by Jack Osbourne and his mom Sharon, but they left in all the lunacy any fan would want.

Photos And Report By Mac Wire Correspondent, Anne M. Raso

This reporter from was lucky enough to attend the premiere of God Bless Ozzy Osbourne last night at the Tribeca Film Festival and The Godfather Of Heavy Metal and “da fam” not only showed, but so did Marky Ramone and a couple of Oz imitators, including one who decided to stand in front of the stage and make a little tribute speech to his fave rocker right before the screening started. All attendees were treated to a God Bless Ozzy Osbourne T-shirt and laminated VIP passes (that won’t even get you into a parking lot let alone Ozzy’s dressing room but was fun as a keepsake). 
     The documentary, which was helmed by none other than Ozzy’s curly-maned son Jack, touches on parts of Ozzy’s life fans know about–the long tours, the lavish lifestyle, the lifelong addictions–but it also shows obscure parts of his life including funny pre-show routine which includes going on a treadmill and funny vocal exercises. There is interesting commentary from the likes of Paul McCartney and Henry Rollins, not to mention the family members most of us fans have rarely scene–such as Aimee (his daughter who did not want to participate in The Osbournes reality TV series), his children Louis and Jessica from his first marriage to Thelma, and even his baby granddaughter. To be honest, his granddaughter cannot really talk…but she gurgled a little on-camera, LOL! Ozzy even goes back to his tiny Birmingham, England, childhood home and school with Sharon and finds that not much has changed.

      Fans will be surprised to learn that Ozzy was still using pills and alcohol during the filming of the Osbournes first season (as Kelly Osbourne points out and then goes on to discuss her own pill addiction during her mother Sharon’s bout with breast cancer). On the lighter side, other Ozzy surprises include funny “gross out” competition tour stories from Tommy Lee (Motley Crue toured with Ozzy in ’85) and the fact that he won a green bean growing award in the UK back in the early 70s. When it comes to Ozzy, you can’t even make up stories that are better than the ones he actually lived through!
    After the film ended, Ozzy, co-producer Jack and co-directors Mike Piscitelli and Mike Fleiss did a Q&A session. A lot of the folks from the audience who asked questions talked about their own addictions and overcame them and the only complaint seemed to be that the Black Sabbath reunion was not even touched upon. But never fear–there is plenty of interesting and revealing commentary from Ozzy’s Black Sabbath “mates,” especially when it comes to having to fire him back in the day and drug use by the band as a whole! Seems like there was nothing these guys wouldn’t imbibe, and half the time they didn’t know what they were taking.
    As we post this, there are still a couple of screenings left in New York: Thursday, April 28th at 9:30 PM at the SVA Theater (333 West 23d Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues) and Saturday, April 20th at 1PM at the AMC Loew’s Village 7 (66 Third Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets). To purchase tickets in advance go to If you use the coupon code JETBLUE you will get $2 off the $16 ticket price. We also suggest that you “like” the God Bless Ozzy Osbourne FB fan page which will keep you up to date with all the film’s updates (including screenings). We only have one thing to say: that even though it’s spring, the “Blizzard Of Ozz” continues with the release of God Bless Ozzy Osbourne!


Elton John Documentary To Open Tribeca Film Festival

Writer-director Cameron Crowe’s documentary The Union, about the reunion of Elton John with his one time idol Leon Russell, has been selected to open Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival on April 20. In an unconventional launch, the festival plans to screen the film outdoors at the North Cove at the World Financial Plaza. The screening will be followed by a live performance by John. The Union is the first documentary directed by Crowe ( Say Anything, Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire ) and brings him closer to his early career as a teenage journalist for Rolling Stone , when he interviewed some of the top recording stars of the early 1970s. “As a longtime fan of both artists, it was a pleasure to spend a year filming their collaboration,” Crowe said in a statement. “We can’t wait to show it to one of the greatest audiences in the world, the Tribeca Film Festival.”

The Union