True or Fare

Katy Perry’s ‘Part Of Me’ Film Inspired By Madonna

Much like her pop-star peers, Katy Perry cites Madonna as a big influence, especially on her “Part of Me” 3-D concert movie, which hits theaters July 5, which was partially inspired by the Queen of Pop’s 1991 film “Truth or Dare.”

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, the always-colorful starlet spoke about her upcoming big-screen adventure and how “Truth or Dare” led to its creation.

“When we started to book these really big venues, I felt like I was going all in,” she said. “And I figured that by the end of it, I’d be bankrupt, or else I’d look like the smartest music businesswoman of my age, and I thought either outcome would be interesting.”

More importantly, the chart-topper wanted the general public to see how the Katy Perry machine really works.

Source: MTV