Twilight Saga Premiere

Robert Pattinson On Film Cast: "They’ve become so much a part of my life."’

“Twilight” superstar Robert Pattinson has been conducting so many “Eclipse”-centric interviews lately, it’s a wonder he actually remembers anything he says — let alone the countless articles that hang on his every word.
However, when MTV News caught up with him on the “Eclipse” premiere’s black carpet Thursday night (June 24) to ask him about an article in which he’d been quoted as saying he’s tired of all the “Twilight” work, Pattinson seemed to remember very clearly he had said nothing of the sort and quickly set the record straight.

“That’s bullsh–!” Pattinson joked. “I hate reporters misquoting me, it’s so annoying.”
Of course, realizing he’d just used a naughty word during MTV’s live feed from the premiere, he was quick to apologize for the blunder and cover his mouth. Read more>>

Photo: Moonglow