Vanessa Hidgens

Vanessa Hudgens Worries About Aging

Vanessa Hudgens already uses anti-ageing products.
The 22-year-old actress is unsure whether she will undergo any cosmetic procedures in the future but is already taking care to maintain a youthful look.
She said: “Would I have surgery? I don’t know. It would really depend. I’m already starting to use anti-ageing products.
“You might as well start sooner than later because products are really amazing these days.”
The ‘Sucker Punch’ star admitted she thinks there is more pressure on women then men in Hollywood as they get older because grey-haired actors are seen as “sexy”.
She said: “I think women still get the pressure more because when men age, it’s sexy – they get to have their grey hair.
“When women age, it’s perceived in Hollywood that they need a lift and they need a tuck. But it depends on who you are. I know some guys who are more vain than some girls.”