Walking With the Wounded

Prince Harry Heads off to South Pole

 Prince Harry, the fourth in line to the British throne, on Sunday began his long-planned final push to the South Pole, according to the organization sponsoring the trip.
Weather conditions had left it uncertain when the expedition could set out, reported Walking With the Wounded, the group sponsoring the mission.
However, Harry’s team set out Sunday afternoon. The 15-day mission, which covers the remaining distance from their first landing point in Antarctica to the South Pole, will take the team 280 kilometres to the Earth’s southernmost point. Twelve kilometres are planned for the first day.
Harry is accompanied by recovering war veterans, some who are making the trip with the aid of prosthetics. The expedition consists of three teams, who hope to reach their destination by December 16 and are raising money for military charities from their home countries, Britain, the United States, Australia and Canada.
Source: Channel24

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