Beyonce Fills New England Walmart with Christmas Cheer

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Pop star Beyonce was a hit in person this weekend when she ducked into a Walmart store in suburban Boston, Us Weekly said.

Beyonce schmoozed with her fellow shoppers and picked up a Christmas toy for 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, as well as a copy of her new self-titled CD.

“It’s exciting to see it in person,” Beyonce said while looking over the record rack in a video of the visit provided to US Weekly.

Beyonce made no effort to play it low-key. She commandeered the stores intercom to give a shout out to the approximately 750 shoppers in the aisles. “It’s Beyonce,” she shouted. “And I stopped by the store today because my record has arrived.”

She topped the visit off by picking up the first $50 of everyone’s tab and wishing everyone, “Merry, merry Christmas from Beyonce!”