Weird Al Yankovic

Paul McCartney Shuts Down Weird Al Yankovic Spoof

Paul McCartney is known for his hard-line vegetarian stance and apparently even objects to the consumption of meat in song lyrics. The Beatles legend reportedly denied parodist Weird Al Yankovic rights to spoof his classic track “Live and Let Die” with the words “Chicken Pot Pie” because of his animal friendly views.

“He didn’t want a song used in any context that would be supposedly promoting the consumption of animal flesh . . . It’s a valid reason and I get it,” Yankovic revealed in an interview with ESPN’s The B.S. Report.
According to Yankovic, however, it’s not reason for people to lump Sir Paul in with the ranks of joke-killing rock stars:

“And I hate it when people put him on the list of humorless guys, because that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, he said, ‘Think of any other subject and I’m happy to O.K. it.'”

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