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Toy Company Offering ‘Personalized Action Figures’ for $127

Remember wearing that Superman or Batman costume as a kid for Halloween?

You can still live out that superhero fantasy – but now in the form of an action figure with a 3-D replica of your own face.

That’s right, thanks to a U.K. novelty company, you can simply upload a well-lit front and profile head shot of yourself to its website. The company, Firebox, will then take your photos and create a 3-D-printed superhero head in your likeness for you to place on one of five DC Comics’ classic superheroes:

Batman, Batgirl, Superman, The Joker and Wonder Woman.

Your price for the Personalized Superhero Action Figure: $127.

“Using advanced 3-D printing technology your photographs will be turned into a fully-formed 3-D version of your noggin – including eye color, skin tone, hair style (or as close as possible) and hair color,” states the company website . “Accurate? It’ll be like looking in a teaspoon.”

The company will send you the action figure and the replica of your head, which together stand about 6 ½ inches tall. The kit enables you to remove the original head and attach your own, either temporarily or permanently.

“The assembly instructions aren’t super high tech (soak the figure in water, yank off head, pack the new one on with putty), which leaves us a little skeptical that the custom head will be the most accurately detailed piece of work in the world,” according to Gizmodo . “It costs a good chunk of change, too, at about $127, but oh goodness do we want to believe in this particular bit of magic.”

You might not want to buy one of these for a child, however, Firebox notes that the action figure is for display only, and even includes its own display base.


Wonder Woman Set To Return To The Small Screen Again

Amazon warrior Wonder Woman is set to return to the small screen – more than three decades after actress LYNDA CARTER made the role famous.

The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, adapted from the classic DC Comic series, aired in America from 1975 to 1979.

Another TV series was attempted in the 1990s, but the project was scrapped due to casting concerns over Carter’s successor.

Now Boston Legal creator David E. Kelley has signed a deal with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment bosses to write and produce a revamped version, reports Deadline.com.

Casting details have yet to be announced. However, Hollywood actresses have previously lined-up to take over the role in a long-awaited Wonder Woman movie, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Megan Fox, Eliza Dushku, Sandra Bullock and Beyonce Knowles.
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