Woody Allen

Golden Globes To Honor Woody Allen’s Career

The organizers of the Golden Globe Awards say they will honor Woody Allen for his contributions to filmmaking.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association said Friday that Allen will receive the 2014 Cecil B. DeMille Award.

A tribute to the 77-year-old actor, writer and director will be included in the 71st annual Golden Globe ceremony set for Jan. 12. Morgan Freeman and Martin Scorsese are among the previous recipients.

Allen’s much-honored films include “Annie Hall,” “Hannah and Her Sisters” and “Midnight in Paris,” which won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for its screenplay last year.

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Woody Allen And Martin Scorsese Nominated For DGA Awards

Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese have received nods for Director’s Guild Awards.
Allen landed a DGA nomination for his comedy “Midnight in Paris.” He has previously been nominated five times for such films as “Annie Hall” (for which he won the award 34 years ago), “Manhattan,” “Hannah and Her Sisters,” and “Crime and Misdemeanors.”
Scorsese, meanwhile, landed his ninth DGA nomination for “Hugo,” his first-ever film shot in 3-D. Said Scorsese (who won a DGA in the television category last year for his work on “Boardwalk Empire” and who won the feature film DGA five years ago for “The Departed”): “I am honored to have been recognized by my peers for my work on Hugo. [. . .] The fact that our picture honors the work of George’s Méliès, one of the inventors of cinema and an artistic forefather to us all, makes the nomination all the more meaningful.”
Other nominees for this year’s awards include David Fincher (for “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) and Alexander Payne (for “The Descendants”). Missing from the list of nominees this year are Steven Spielberg and Terrence Malick.

Lady Gaga Wants to Earn Film Roles

Lady Gaga is warning movie executives to stop offering her film roles if they are not prepared to make her audition because she wants to work to land her big screen acting debut.

The Poker Face hitmaker reveals she is being courted to appear in Hollywood projects, but she can’t understand why producers are so ready to hand her the job without seeing if she is any good.

She tells Ellen DeGeneres, “I’m not sure (about acting). When I talk about acting I’m always surprised that no one ever asks me to audition. They just say, ‘We want you to do this movie.’ I’m like, ‘Why? You’ve never seen me act before. I want to audition, I want to work for it.’ So when I get offered jobs and I don’t audition for them, I (turn them down).”

But Gaga admits she would jump at the chance to work with a certain director.

She says, “I guess my dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie or something.”