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NYC PR Man David Salidor Exits Brett Winterble XM Show

dis COMPANY’s David Salidor who served as celebrity booking producer for XM’s Brett Winterble eponymous talk show, has exited the post, as a format-change next month is in the works for the satcaster.

Said Salidor, “I know for a fact that in the 18 months I was there, we built a very strong base for Brett. His interviews with the likes of Steve Van Zandt; Micky Dolenz; Rudy Giuliani; Robert Funaro; Peter Max; and, Malcolm McDowell were very well received. I want to thank Brandon D’Amore for the opportunity. It’s a real shame this is not continuing as Brett had a real gift for the interview. He listened.

Radio is a volatile medium for sure and in a way, it’s amazing it lasted for as long as it did. ”

Salidor continues to operate his PR/Management firm the dis COMPANY.

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On The Radio: XM’s Brett Winterble Interviews Monkee Micky Dolenz

While tub thumping his new album (Live At BB King’s) on XM’s BRETT WINTERBLE the other day, the two got into a conversation over the antics of some of today’s teen-idols … as Micky was one of the first ever, during his early-tenure with The Monkees.

Dolenz said, “The best thing that ever happened to me was that after Circus Boy (his early TV show). My parents took me out of show business, so I didn’t have that period of being a has been, and I went back to school, and then 8 years later The Monkees hit. I was studying to be an architect, and, I had show business to fall back on.”

Continues Winterble, “That’s the measure of success, sometimes the parents have got to say no. Sometimes the most liberating word of all is no.”


Kim Goldman, the sister of murdered brother Ron Goldman, was interviewed on the BRETT WINTERBLE/XM radio show, and amid discussion of the situation in Steubenville and the Jodi Arias trial, came out hard reflecting on the advent of social media in society today; “I think kids today essentially face the same issues we did growing up, but they don’t realize that due to social media, it’s available instantly on twitter and Instagram. We made Kim Kardashian a star because of a sex tape.” No doubt noting the irony that her father Robert Kardashian, was one of OJ’s Dream Team members.

Winterble commented that if the parents are paying for the Internet service, they could ultimately be held responsible if something happen. Goldman, who has gone into being a victims-advocate also reference the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice, run by her and her father Fred.


Late-Friday night came word that musician/activist DAVID CROSBY (Crosby, Stills & Nash) would be the featured guest on Monday’s (10-5) BRETT WINTERBLE SHOW (XM Radio-AMERICA’S TALK – channel 166). Crosby is no stranger to talk radio, but, welcomed (through his publicist) the forum to talk about politics and the election, right before it happens the very next day.
Winterble, who worked as a producer to Russ Limbaugh, before fronting his own show on XM was equally pleased by the opportunity, “David Crosby is the iconic spokesman for a generation of Rock Fans and Rock Stars. Visiting with a man who has experienced so much of the past 40 years of American Political and Music history is a real treat. My listeners are thrilled.”