Zachary John

Elton John Fears His Son Will Be Bullied

Elton John is preparing himself and his adopted son for what looks to be a childhood filled with intimidation, persecution and physical violence. The “Rocket Man,” speaking with Radio Times, says that Zachary faces many hurdles as a child:

“Being the child of someone famous is a huge ball and chain around your ankles. It’s going to be very difficult.”

“At school other children will say, ‘You don’t have a mummy.’ We’ve come a long way, but there’s still homophobia and will be until a new generation of parents don’t instill it in their children,” he added.

Zachary was born to Elton and his partnerDavid Furnish via surrogate on Christmas Day 2010. Since then, the pair have mentioned interest in obtaining another child through surrogacy.


Elton John – Sir Elton Wrapping Christmas And Son’s Birthday Into One Big Bash

Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish are rolling their son’s first birthday and the family’sChristmas celebrations into one huge party.

The couple became first-time parents to little Zachary on Christmas Day via surrogate last year (10), and the proud dads will be holding one big bash to mark both occasions later this month (Dec11).

Furnish says, “We’re going to roll the two together and bring all the families together and have a wonderful celebration, so I’m so excited about that.”

But the filmmaker insists the pair will not be spending a fortune on an array of lavish gifts for the tot, instead gifting him with one “significant present” each year.

He adds, “I want there to be one significant present to mark each birthday in a memorable and meaningful way.”

Barbara Walters Talks to Elton John and Partner David Furnish on 20/20 (4/22)

Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, will sit down with Barbara Walters for their first major U.S. Television interview since the birth of their son, Zachary, this past Christmas. In the interview, John and Furnish will discuss why they wanted a child, how they kept the baby a huge secret until he was born, and how fatherhood has changed them both. They will also introduce Walters to Zachary, their four-and-a-half-month old son. John will also reveal details of his latest project. The exclusive interview will air on “20/20,” FRIDAY, APRIL 22 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. 
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